Creature Comforts

I too have a conglomerate of creature comforts I like to have on the job.

  1. Lightweight Headset. This is the same top priority as my colleague and for the same reason. Having my own headset ensures my comfort throughout the day when I have to cue shows at the tech table. The fact that it’s a lightweight as opposed to a heavy “earmuff” style is better for me because it allows me to hear what’s going on around me and converse with people off com as well. Not that I’ve ever got anything to say that I wouldn’t say on headset…
  2. My Mobile office. What I’m referring to here is actually a small parts box that is made by the Stanley corporation (yes, as in the toolbox company) I’ve adapted in in highly obsessive compulsive fashion to act a mobile office containing everything I might need in the absence of my actual desk being next to the tech table. Post-it notes, tape, hole punch, highlighters, paperclips (sorted by color, of course)… you get the idea.
  3. Go Box. It’s a medium size Rubbermaid container into which I have sorted just about any type of consumable I’ve ever found myself lacking on a job. Tie line, multiple colors of gaffers tape, tri-taps, a few ratchet straps, wood screws, a couple spare lamps, etc. No, it’s not my job to supply or even have these things but if they don’t show up and I need them I’m only helping myself by having them, now aren’t I?
  4. Yellow Pad. Yup, a good old fashioned yellow pad and a pencil are still the fastest way to take a note and get back to what you’re supposed to be paying attention to. Just had a revelation about the piece you cued 10 minutes ago but now the rehearsal is has moved on? Just jot down a note and move on.
  5. A Pencil, an eraser and a sharpener. Walk into a bar…. No, really. Let me stress that these are 3 separate items. A simple #2 wood pencil, none of those mechanical lead snappers for me. I also like a separate eraser. In my opinion the erasers you get on pencils anymore should be called “smearers” because that’s all they do. The pencil sharpener must be the kind that captures the shavings. Nobody wants to work with the guy who leaves wood shavings all over the table.