Is the easy way actually easier?

We have all been there. You’re staring blankly at a seemingly insurmountable task mountain. You want to “get things done” and move on to other things. The urgent is badly defeating the important and it is your job to set it all back in balance. So you pick up that task and you look it over, you can see that it might easily take you longer than you want it to and you know that you’re still at the bottom of task mountain, so you give it a quick once over, make some comments, draw a few redlines and then send it away. My question is – was that just a huge mistake?

Maybe. Sometimes you get lucky and that is all that was needed. Or maybe the team that your half considered comments went to picked up the slack and made it all work out. Leadership fail, but team win. But often the outcome is that all you did was send a boomerang flying out into the world with a destiny to fulfill. Its one purpose in life is that it must come around and whack you in the noggin again, and probably when you’re just as busy and closer to the deadline.

The process of design already has baked in incremental stages of refinement. My best thought is that it is in everyone’s best interest to keep working toward excellence at every step, so that the next time you spend energy on that task it will be to better it and move it forward from the stable place you last left it.

Harder now, better later.

Easier now, harder later.

Pour a fresh cup of coffee and go get after it!