Rain or shine – the show must go on

Ever wonder how we keep all the lights on at Lightscapes, even in the pouring rain? Events like Lightscapes and it's big sister The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze sold as rain or shine. That means that un...
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How to choose the right lighting control

Lighting Consoles:

Of all the purchases I advise my clients on, the biggest and single most costly purchase that comes under discussion is how to control their lights once they are up in the air. As the saying goes, “power is nothing without control” and more accurately, the right control for the application. In order to access and properly utilize the features of modern lighting ins...
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LED Fixtures – Brighter, faster, smarter.

If you read my previous article on the cost advantages associated with theatrical LED’s you may have already decided that they are a smart choice, but with so many options out there where does one start? In this article I will help to clarify what types of fixtures are available currently on the market, what the differences are between them, ...
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