Why should I upgrade my lighting systems and when is the right time?

As a lighting professional I often find myself in situations where my clients are seeking advice on upgrading their current lighting systems to gain the advantages of emerging technology. So often, in fact, that it has spurred me to generate this post which will best explain the advantages and considerations that come into play with these decisions. Upgrading an existing system or building a new o...
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LED’s Vs. HPL’s

A closer look at cost over fixture lifetime

While consulting with clients, I often find myself in situations where I feel the need to explain what the actual cost factors are regarding LED’s. For the purposes of this article I am targeting those individuals who are currently contemplating the purchase of new equipment for a specific venue, although some of the factors I will discuss wo...
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Creature Comforts

I too have a conglomerate of creature comforts I like to have on the job.
  1. Lightweight Headset. This is the same top priority as my colleague and for the same reason. Having my own headset ensures my comfort throughout the day when I have to cue shows at the tech table. The fact that it’s a lightweight as opposed to a heavy “earmuff” style is better for me because it allows me to ...
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