Video Light Mapping is one of the most creatively engaging technologies being developed by JWD.

Credits: Musical composition by Nathan Avakian, Video Content Producer – Victoria Corbalis, Creative Direction – Jay Woods

TheĀ Process

The team at JWD began experimenting with this technique in 2020 and quickly realized it’s unlimited potential. This short video was developed by us in just 3 days to research the practical implementation of mapping light onto complex 3D surfaces. What resulted was a product that redefined the creative capacity of our team and laid out a new path for JWD. We used the talents of our team to develop a storyboard, construct a projection surface, compose an engaging musical score and create video content mapped to very tight surface contours. All of the light you see in the video is mapped to the surfaces, there are no additional light sources built into the surface.

camera-color cropped

We started with a simple composition comprised of 5 carved Jack O’lanterns mounted to a flat surface. From there we conducted a 3D scan of the surface and imported it into our suite of video software where we painstakingly defined the boundaries of the light to perfectly match the pumpkin carvings, contours and dimensionality. Once the parameters were defined in detail, we created the video and musical content simultaneously so that they each perfectly complemented the creative vision. A magical little starfish wakes up the sleepy fish, who in turn swim and breathe in time with the musical score through a world of our creation.

There are so many applications for this technology. JWD can map light onto practically any surface, and we can create video content and a musical score to turn it into a spectacular creation that completely changes the nature of a surface. Contact us today with your most challenging ideas and let us create something amazing with you!