Rain or shine – the show must go on

Ever wonder how we keep all the lights on at Lightscapes, even in the pouring rain?

Events like Lightscapes and it’s big sister The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze sold as rain or shine. That means that unless the weather is really terrible, visitors expect that when they come to see the event it will be lit up despite any foul weather. Here is the challenge: If you take Lightscapes as an example, there are 4,600 lighting fixtures and about 8,000 individual LED bulbs all connected to dozens upon dozens of GFCI protected circuits. That means that even the slightest bit of moisture can bring an entire circuit down and with it a portion of the event. With hundreds of outdoor connections ┬áthat all adds up to a lot of potential worry, unless you have done your homework.

JWD has researched this issue extensively and we have developed innovative solutions that protect both the events we design and the public that attends them. Our methods have been proven year after year, in all conditions from deep snow through rain and mud and on into the blistering heat. This research and experience sets us apart from other design studios because not only are our designs creative, but we know how to keep them working when it really counts.